The Care Transitions Program
August 8, 2019
Project BOOST (Better Outcomes by Optimizing Safe Transitions) Mentored Implementation Program
August 8, 2019

Transitional Care Model

Transitional Care Model. Penn Nursing Science. Web Site. .2013. Accessed July 24, 2014. More than 10 million Medicare beneficiaries, approximately 20% of older Americans, are living with five or more chronic conditions. Effective care management of this population is often complicated by several other health and social risk factors. Unfortunately, multiple studies reveal that the health care needs of older adults are poorly managed, often with devastating human and economic consequences. The Transitional Care Model (TCM) is an evidence-based solution to these challenges. The TCM has consistently demonstrated improved quality and cost outcomes for high-risk, cognitively intact and impaired older adults when compared to standard care in: reductions in preventable hospital readmissions for both primary and co-existing health conditions; improvements in health outcomes; enhanced patient experience with care; and a reduction in total health care costs

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