Effective Interventions to Reduce Hospitalizations: A Compendium of 15 Promising Interventions
August 7, 2019
Multidisciplinary approach to inpatient medication reconciliation in an academic setting
August 7, 2019

AMDA Universal Transfer Form

AMDA. Universal Transfer Form. Tool. http://www.amda.com/tools/universal_transfer_form.pdf. Published 2007. Accessed July 24, 2014. AMDA has developed and recommends the use of the Universal Transfer Form (UTF) to facilitate the transfer of necessary patient information from one care setting to another. Patient transfers are fraught with the potential for errors stemming from the inaccurate or incomplete transfer of patient information. Use of the UTF can help to minimize the occurrence of such errors by ensuring that patient information is transmitted fully and in a timely fashion.

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